At Kasoa Akweley, a long vehicle and a Nissan Frontier were involved in an accident.

People who witnessed the incident claimed that the long car was filled and that someone appeared out of nowhere and entered the back of the long truck. Who are we to blame now? The Nissan Frontier or the lengthy car that has piled up on the side of the road. 

This is heartbreaking. The driver of the Nissan frontier car was an elderly man traveling from Kasoa to his destination. The Nissan frontier was unaware of the long vehicle parked there. When the incident occurred, the Old Man attempted to summon the police officers to come and see what had occurred..The police officers gave the long vehicle man the blame, meanwhile the long vehicle was packed. 

The police officer took the man's driver's license since he said he hadn't packed properly. The Nissan Frontier was attempted to be removed from the long vehicle, but it was stuck in. Before the car was detached from the long vehicle, they attempted to loosen the front tire. They apprehended the driver of the long truck. The police officer invited the long vehicle driver to seat in the Nissan Frontier to the police station, but he responded that he would drive his own car there. Was he correct when he said that to the cop?
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The lengthy vehicle driver was told by the police officer that unless he sat in the Nissan frontier automobile to the police station, he would not be awarded a license.

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