So sad! See what ladies are doing in town to survive the harsh life

Quofi Sterling
So sad! See what ladies are doing in town to survive the harsh life

We are living in a time when life has become very hard to make it. People are really suffering and struggling out there to put bread at the table or rather to earn a living. It is currently just a matter of survival. All this has just been the courtesy of coronavirus that hit the world unexpectedly. At first, most of the people could imagine that it was just a white race infection. This is after it was first discovered in China, and kept on circulating among the European and Asian continents.

We were all surprised when on the 15th of March, the president stated the nation had reported the first victim. Life just changed all over sudden in relation and accordance with the preventive measures to avoid it. Unfortunately, it did not work out well and a father step had to be taken. This involved locking of basic sectors where most people met physically. Most lost jobs thereby. And of course, we know that the working and hustling class live in a town with their families. All over sudden, some counties went under total lockdown. This is actually major towns with most people.

People had to stay indoors consuming the little food the accumulated. Now, imagine living in town with little food and doing nothing since the movement was restricted. Unfortunately, suffering got in. People with families now started feeling how hard life is. We know that in the major towns, almost all ladies residing their move with their children depending on daily wages. Unfortunately, they could not report to their jobs like hotels, hacking towns, washing clothes among others. Remember, rent is also to be paid.

Due to this, prostitution became the only option left. Our mother could now sacrifice and do anything to earn a living. Remember, there are men who spend money on prostitutes. The other thing is most couples were separated from each other and could not monitor each other due to lockdown. Ladies have decided to dress weirdly to attract men who can develop an interest in them. All this just to make some money as there were no other options. We really pray that our God takes away the trouble and life gets back to normal.

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