Alex Segbefia claims that Akufo-Ghana Addo's is a sanction-free nation.


Alex Segbefia, a former health minister under John Dramani Mahama, has raised concern over Ghana's current situation.
According to Alex, who was speaking on GhOne TV in Accra, there have been numerous investigations in the country of West Africa but nothing has come of them, so individuals have realized they can break the law and get away with it.


"It appears that we live in a culture without punishment, and not just in universities. People commit acts and get away with it. On Gh One TV, he said, "Investigations are done, but there are no reactions to it.

"The trick is to enforce sanctions," he said, "if you have the impression that there is a certain amount of impunity right from the top in governance. We hope that when the authorities find out who we are associated with, they will handle them properly.

In terms of property destruction, there have been violations of both national and international law, which is why I like the comment that was made, "Let the law take its course." Because of those in the know, the entire incident shouldn't be ignored in case it repeats itself the following year. If a small number of people are dealt with, and the university uses them as an example when new students arrive, stating that we will not accept it, last year we expelled this many people, and people now have criminal records because of A, B, or C, they will be cautious.

He made this statement in response to the University of Ghana's Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall brawls, which resulted in the destruction of property worth millions of cedis.

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